Tristate Technology is able to provide various cross platform virtualisation solutions to allow non-disruptive migration of legacy operating systems and applications. The cross platform virualisation solution (also known as a system emulator) will run either on a Windows System, or a Linux based System.

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The Windows Systems can be either a Desktop or Server OS, whichever is appropriate and provides the required level of resilience. Various versions of Linux are supported. The emulators will present a copy of the original hardware system and so the operating system and application will be unaware that they are not running on the physical hardware.

 PDP11 Systems
An emulator is available for the PDP 11/93 (supporting Q-Bus) and the PDP 11/94 (supporting Unibus). So the emulator will run one of the legacy operating systems including RSX-11M,  RT11 or RSTS.
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 VAX Systems

The DEC VAX Systems starting with the VAX 11/780 have proved remarkably stable and many are still running in commercial environments. Emulators are available for the full range of VAX models running all versions of OpenVMS, right from the very earliest versions, utilising single or multiple CPU server types. Incredible speed improvement is possible using the latest Intel CPU’s, memory, SSD’s and fast ethernet interfaces.
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   Alpha Systems
The DEC Alpha Systems were leading edge 64bit systems, running either OpenVMS or Tru64 Unix. Excellent performance and resilience is available by utilising an emulator. Models are available that cover the whole Alpha System range. These emulators provide such versatility not available from the original hardware.
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 Sparc System
The Sparc Servers, original provided by SUN and now by Oracle are used widely throughout industry and specifically in the Datacenter. The emulator will provide an exact Sparc 4u,4m or 4v hardware environment running on a Linux Server. It can be configured with up to 24 CPU’s and 128GB of memory, running Solaris (up to v11), or SunOS.
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The emulator family performance ranges through A400 and A500 series equivalence at the low-end, to mid-range multi-processor N4000 series equivalence at the high-end and will be running MPE/iX 7.5
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The HP9000 range of emulators will be running HPUX and are currently in beta release at the moment. More information coming soon.